Java Web Parts recognizes three classifications of people who contribute to the project: Contributors, Developers and Administrators (see the Bylaws from the Documentation link on the SourceForge page for more details).


Those that contribute on an intermittent basis but are not ongoing members of the project:

Wendy Smoak- Some various code submissions and suggestions

Aron Gombas - Contributed a patch to fix some typos and implement more robust logging

GŁnther Wieser - Found and resolved some issues under Resin

Ricky Tong - Contributed the stdXSLT handler, and some other contributions as well

Zaid A. Omar - Contributed an AjaxTags enhancement to allow for execution of -script- blocks returned and handled with the stdInnerHTML handler

Keith Ulrich - Discovered a couple of AjaxTags issues

Colin Kilburn- Submitted a patch to put all APT stuff that previously went into page scope into request scope instead

Marija Popov- Reworked and contributed this site!


Those that contribute on an ongoing basis and are officially members of the project development team:

Tamas Szabo


Those that perform what are essentially project management tasks:

Frank W. Zammetti (Project founder)

Herman van Rosmalen