Java Web Parts is a project that provides small, reusable and largely independant Java components of interest to all web application developers. You can think of this project as being similar to the Jakarta Commons projects.

Java Web Parts is comprised of a number of packages, each supplied in their own individual JAR, with little (ideally no) cross-dependency. The packages currently include:

  • - AjaxParts A collection of components for doing AJAX including the very popular AjaxParts Taglib (APT), formerly known as AjaxTags.
  • - Context A collection of components for dealing with a servlet context
  • - Filter A collection of useful servlet filters
  • - Listener Context and Session listeners for various occassions
  • - Misc Things that didn't fit anywhere else, including a very powerful CoR implementation
  • - Taglib Various tag libraries
  • - Servlet A collection of servlets to fulfill common needs
  • - Request Classes and functions for dealing with an HTTP request
  • - Response Classes and functions for dealing with an HTTP request
  • - Session Classes and functions... eh, you see the pattern!

Please feel free to browse the Javadocs to get a feel for what the project has to offer. If you find something of use to you, download away and have at it! The download link will bring you to the SourceForge project page, where you can find binary and source packages.

If you would like to contribute, please join the mailing list and start today!


April 24, 2007

Version 1.1 final is now available. No changes from 1.1 beta 1, but now you can feel all warm and fuzzy about not having to use a beta build :)